LC Consulting & Design
"LC Consulting & Design is based in Los Angeles and we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio.
We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.  
We see diversity as our strength, and bring a wide variety of construction & design experience to our practice of making sure our clients challenges & budgets are always a priority. Despite the complexity of the construction process, there should be no mystery to the client.  
Our goal is to make the process as clear and easy to understand as possible, eliminating as many surprises on paper, before the construction begins, saving you time, money & frustration."
With a strong background in mechanical & building design, as well as customer service from the position of advocating for my clients, my goal is to build the bridges necessary to Build Your Vision.

  • 20 yrs in construction, 30 yrs of design (form, fit & function)
  • 12 yrs sales & service of Doors, Windows & Hardware
  • 10 yrs of Kitchen Design & Procurement
  • Based in Los Angeles and serving the surrounding area
  • References available